Welcome to OTAIS - Occasional Teacher & Admin Information Site   
This website will serve as the Ottawa Catholic School Board's communication tool for Occasional Teachers and Casual Employees. Here you can find notices, links to various information documents and forms. Click the relevant tab above to view the latest notices for your group. 

OCSB Email Account
All permanent and occasional employees are assigned an OCSB email address. For more information on your OCSB Google Account please view the video below. For information on initial login and password, please go to the User Account Information site and select Google Applications.


Please note: As a condition of employment, all employees are required to complete the  OFFENCE DECLARATION FOR 2017 - 2018 in iMenu.

Name / Address / Phone Number Changes        
** CLICK HERE  to request updates to your personal information.
 For changes to the name associated with your email address please submit a HelpDesk ticket. 

Useful Links

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Occasional teachers and casual support staff now have the ability to view "Today's Available Jobs" in SEMS. Use the Available Jobs tab in SEMS to view the current day's unfilled jobs. Only jobs that match your classifications and locations will display. Click the link above for more information.

** When submitting a Helpdesk request, please ensure that your description of the problem includes the location where you are working. Please include your phone number,  and monitor your Board email for a response.

** Network Password - your initial network password is a temporary password and should be updated prior to accessing iMenu. For more information please read the Instructions for Logging into iMenu or go to https://pwreset.ocsb.ca:8444/ to change your password. Please note, the password reset tool will not work if your password has expired. In that case, you will need to login to a computer at any of the Board locations and update your password.