Offence Declaration
In order to electronically file your Offence Declaration you must log in to IMENU.
To access
IMENU click the following link:
Below are instructions to file your Offence Declaration.   

Video - How to complete your Offence Declaration


Once you are logged in to IMENU, Click on the plus (+) sign beside Offence to expand the list, then click on Declaration

You will be brought to a screen containing a Declaration form. There are two options to declare:

  1.   you have no convictions
  2.   you have convictions. 

 Click with your mouse on the appropriate one, and then click Declare.

  • You will be presented with a new screen containing a declaration form. The form will have your name, date of birth, position and employee id fields already completed
  • You must complete the block Dated At:  with  OTTAWA, Ontario
  • If you have no convictions to declare, press the ‘I Agree’ button 

If you are declaring that you have convictions the declaration form will require you to list the Date, Court Location, and Conviction.  After you have finished entering these fields, you must complete Dated At: with  OTTAWA, Ontario  Next, press the ‘I Agree’ button.

An offence declaration can only be entered once and it must be made annually.  Once the declaration has been made it cannot be changed.  After a declaration has been made the screen will indicate that the declaration has already been made.  If you have noticed a discrepancy or there is a need to change your current declaration, contact the Human Resources Department 224-4455 x 2408.