Latest Notices - Casual Employees

Topic Description Note
Sabrina's Law All school based employees registered with the Ottawa Catholic School Board must complete the e-learning session Sabrina’s Law.  It is a requirement that this course be repeated each year. To learn more and access:  click on Sabrina's Law at left.
Deadline: Sabrina's Law should be completed prior to the beginning of each school year. New employees should complete the course prior to beginning work. 
 Concussion Information and Procedures All staff are expected to be aware of the OCSB Concussion Information and Procedures found on the Board website. Click the link on the left to access the Board website. 
Offence Declaration As part of our mandate, Human Resources requires you to complete an Offence Declaration each year. To learn more and access:  click on Offence Declaration at left.
Declaration period for 2017 - 2018 OFD opened May 23, 2017.

Bill 157    

Bill 157, An Act to keep schools safer, is a government initiative that came into effect February 1, 2010.  All Ottawa Catholic School Board employees are required to complete the on-line workshop. To learn more and access the workshop, click on BILL 157 at left.
One time only
course requirement
Bill 168

Bill 168, An Act to amend the Occupational Health and Safety Act with respect to violence and harassment in the workplace and other matters, came into effect June 15, 2010. All Ottawa Catholic School Board employees are required to complete the on-line workshop. To learn more and access:  click on BILL 168 at left
One time only course requirement

All employees are expected to complete The Health and Safety Awareness for Ontario Workers online course.  Click the link to the left for information on accessing the workshop. One time only course requirement
Bill 13

All employees are expected to complete Bill 13 Safe and Accepting Schools Act which addresses bullying protocols, etc.   Click the link to the left to access the workshop.  At the drop down for Employee Group select either: Educational Classroom (CUPE) or Administrator (CUPE)  When prompted for site: select Catholic Education Centre  One time only course requirement
Start Up Package Important schedules and forms. (eg., School calendar, SEMS Quick Reference Cards, etc)  To access, click on Start up Package to the left.
2017-18 School Year Calendar, pay schedules , etc. now available
Tips Useful hints, answers and suggestions for casual admin in the use of SEMS at the OCSB.  To access click on TIPS to the left
Also available as part of the Start Up Package above
Instructions for Logging into iMenu
Accessing iMenu
Login to iMenu to enter time sheets and view your paystubs, if you require assistance, click on IMenu Access Instructions link to the left  or view the following video. Accessing iMenu
Collective Agreement - Part A Central
Collective Agreement - Part B Local
Extension of Agreement and Salary Grid September 2017 to August 2018
To view or print the most recent CUPE 2357 Collective Agreement, click the link to the left.  
Online Time Sheets

Viewing/Printing Your Pay-Stub
Effective September 2015, all employees will be required to submit their time sheets online using IMenu.  Click on Online Time sheets to the left for instructions and more information.